Our goal is to help families, however our program also helps Community Action Agencies, Utilities, and Government programs.


Who We Help

Heat Smart: The smartest investment for your community program.

Faced with global warming issues and aging facilities, utilities are under pressure to reduce energy demand and carbon dioxide emissions. But technology and operational efficiencies can only go so far. Utilities must also meet federal mandates for low-income heat assistance.

Heat Smart Kits can help:

  • Reduce energy demand/use.
  • Respond to federal mandates.
  • Extend plant life and maximize capital expenditures.
  • Beef up energy conservation programs and increase positive PR.
  • Change attitudes toward efficiency measures.
  • Spend assistance program resources wisely and cost-effectively.
  • Improve the environment through reduced fossil fuel use.
  • Provide a service to low-income families.
  • Give energy program implementers cost-effective strategies to respond to utility RFPs.

We designed our program to be flexible so we can help each utility meet their specific community needs. It’s a proven, proactive approach that helps families stay warm and use less energy while helping you respond to mandates and increase community goodwill. And, our blankets can be monogrammed with your logo for additional community visibility.

Energy burden higher for those who can least afford it. 

1 in 4 households held back by a high energy burden.

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