Our goal is to help families, however our program also helps Community Action Agencies, Utilities, and Government programs.


Who We Help

Heat Smart: The smartest investment for scarce resources.

Government agencies, weatherization and housing programs face cutbacks year after year. And Veterans Service Organizations face growing needs as more veterans return home and struggle with housing, heat and basic bills. Yet in our recessionary economy, more and more households are heat insecure. If you’re a professional working in these programs, you know from your own data that you can only say yes to a fraction of the families and veterans who need LIHEAP funding and conservation subsidies.

Partnering with Heat Smart and using our cost-effective kits can help you:

  • Reach more low-income families cost-effectively.
  • Help veterans get back on their feet.
  • Spend state and federal monies efficiently.
  • Increase your agency’s outreach goals.
  • Create partnerships with utilities to help them spend heat assistance/weatherization dollars.
  • Increase your public profile and boost your positive image.

Our program is flexible in design to help each program and organization meet their specific community needs. It’s a proven, proactive approach that helps families and veterans stay warm and use less energy while helping you reach your goals.


Energy burden higher for those who can least afford it. 

1 in 4 households held back by a high energy burden.

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