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What’s Next in EE? Heat Smart!

  • August 20, 2015
  • Heat Smart

Just in time for the AESP 2015 Summer Conference in Ontario, Heat Smart has received more good statistical results from last winter’s pilot program .

We’ll bring all the details with us, but here’s an advance glimpse at the bottom line:

  • In a weather-normalized billing comparison, Heat Smart families saved a mean average of 863 kWh over the control group, an estimated savings of $80 in just half of the heating season!
  • At a cost of just $12 per Heat Smart kit, this shows we’re a cost-effective program that encourages energy behavior change.

While we are excited by these good initial results, they were gathered over a short period and are preliminary. Even more exciting: our original pilot partners (a major North Carolina utility and energy professionals) have signed on to conduct a full-winter study with a larger sample to be more statistically conclusive.

We’re looking forward to sharing all the details with you at AESP’s What’s Now and What’s Next in EE summer conference. Our pilot program clearly shows that Heat Smart is in the What’s Next category.

If you’re at the conference, come see Executive Director Donna Montaquila at Booth 26 for all the details, and to see how Heat Smart kits can help your organization. We’re always looking to create more partnerships with utilities, implementers, community action programs and government programs to help stretch energy resources.

If you’d rather have more one-on-one attention,   email Donna to set up a time to meet. If you can’t make it to the conference, please   email and Donna will send you more information. See you in Ontario!


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