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We’ve joined the MOOvement to end heat poverty!

  • December 1, 2016
  • Heat Smart

Heat Smart recently became a Moolala sponsor for Holy Cow, a initiative of North Carolina Community Action Association. It’s a fundraising tool for Community Action Agencies that’s also a branding initiative to increase the public conversation about poverty.  Their goal is to create opportunities that strengthen families, communities and economies, while raising voices against poverty.

The branding part of the program includes fun t-shirts, hats and gear with poverty-ending messages such as “Don’t Milk Me, Poverty Sucks.” Community Action Agencies can sell these to     raise unrestricted funds that will help them reach their maximum potential of helping people to help themselves and each other. As more and more of these messages get out, the public conversation starts and raises awareness that in 2016 America, poverty is far too prevalent.

As the nation’s largest anti-poverty network, Community Action Agencies are uniquely positioned to create some buzz across the country and share their work with the world.

We agree, and that’s why we partner with Community Action Agencies to help end heat poverty with our Heat Smart kits. We believe no one should have to choose whether to shiver through a cold winter night or buy food. What Holy Cow is doing by raising the volume on the public conversation about poverty will go a long way toward helping all of us fulfill our missions.

So visit Holy Cow, and add your voice to the moovement. We know an udder-ly fantastic idea when we see one!

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