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To tattoo, or not?

  • October 23, 2018
  • Heat Smart

“Save up to 10% each year on energy bills by turning thermostats down 7-10° at night.” – U.S. Department of Energy

That’s kind of long for a tattoo, but it is our mantra here at Heat Smart. We have it nearly everywhere – on brochures, on posters, in all our communications. And we believe it can change lives. How? By getting at-risk families the tools that empower them to turn the heat down and still stay warm. That’s the Heat Smart Kit.

We set out to demonstrate how we could change energy-use behavior through two studies and we found more people turned the heat down by more degrees, more often. They stayed warm and saved energy too.  And when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, having extra money left after paying bills is like having Christmas every month.

Here is just some of the feedback we received from participants in our Behavior Change Studies.

“I appreciate the blankets I received to be able to save a little on the heating. I will certainly use them again this winter.” -Annie, Wilmington, NC

“The blankets were soft and cozy; I turned the heat down 10 degrees. I know it saved me money, approximately $5 to $8 per month.” Bobbi, Kannapolis, NC

“The blankets were really warm! I will use them again this winter.” Burleigh, Fairmont, NC

“It helped with household expenses. We saved $10 to $20 each month.” David, Fairmont, NC

“It showed me how easy it is to be efficient, and I was able to spend the savings on groceries.” – Erica, Wilmington, NC

Bottom line: in the first study 91.7% or respondents reported monthly energy savings, and in the second study 98.8% reported monthly energy savings. And that’s just one metric. We put all our findings together in a Case Study Report that you can download here for free.

Helping the heat insecure like Erica, Bobbi and the others warms our hearts and keeps us going. We want to form even more partnerships to help even more people. If you’re involved in heat assistance for vulnerable families, you owe it to your constituents to contact us and see how we can help!

Energy burden higher for those who can least afford it. 

1 in 4 households held back by a high energy burden.

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