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Survey says: Heat Smart works!

  • May 14, 2015
  • Heat Smart

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The preliminary results are in from our winter pilot project, and we’re very excited. We gave Heat Smart kits to low-income families in four North Carolina neighborhoods, asking them to turn the heat down at night and use the Heat Smart kits to stay warm – a completely voluntary program. Participants filled out surveys both pre- and post-pilot to measure attitudes and behavior. We expect a few more surveys to come in, but as of 5/13/15 we have the majority and here’s what they tell us:

  • 95% reported turning their heat down at night, an increase of 24%. This is a big change in behavior over a 14-week pilot program, and shows that empowering people with the right tools works.
  • Respondents reported an average turndown of 7.9 degrees, compared to 4.7 degrees before the pilot. (A turndown of 7 to 8 degrees can save 10%.) Not counted among the 7.9 degrees, some indicated they turned the heat down completely, proving they were comfortable due to the warmth of our blankets.
  • 41% reported an increased knowledge of energy saving tactics, showing that our education component was successful as well.
  • 96% indicated they would continue to use the kit and keep the heat down at night.

Bottom line: more people turned their heat down by more degrees. This demonstrates real progress in behavior change that is key to our end goal of helping low income households save money and reduce overall energy use.

These results are just the beginning. We’re also expecting a statistical analysis of kilowatt usage from Advanced Energy as part of the pilot. We’ll report those findings to you as soon as we have them.

Donna Montaquila, Heat Smart Executive Director, will be at the AESP trade show in Portland, Oregon on May 19-21 and she’d be happy to share all the details with you. If you’re going, email her to set up a time to meet. If you can’t make it to the show but would still like more detail, please email and she will send you more information.

Pilot program run in conjunction with Duke Energy, the North Carolina Community Action Association, and I-Care North Carolina. Heat Smart is always looking for utilities, non-profits, and government programs to partner with. Contact us to see how we can help families in your area.  

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