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Community Action Leads the Way in Innovation

  • March 9, 2017
  • Heat Smart

Do you know the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF)? They seek to ensure the federal government honors its commitment to fighting poverty, especially through the work of Community Action Agencies. Over the years they have helped launch many great programs: Weatherization, Head Start, Legal Aid, Community Health Centers. And they continue to cultivate the anti-poverty innovations that will guide us in the future.

That’s one of the reasons we’ll be at the NCAF 2017 Legislative Conference March 14-17. We’re hoping to bring an end to heat poverty through our innovative but simple cost-efficient solution. We have already helped over 600,000 families stay warm and save energy, and helped Community Action Agencies across the country maximize their LIHEAP and heat assistance budgets.

With the current threat to funding for domestic assistance programs, it’s more important than ever that we work together to help those in need.

If you’re going to NCAF Conference, be sure to drop by our booth and say hello, or email ahead and we’ll be sure to make a connection. If you can’t make it to D.C. and you’d like more info, please email. 

We’re plugged in to the conference circuit!

  • February 9, 2017
  • Heat Smart

Attending energy efficiency industry conferences takes a lot of, well, energy. Between the long days, the need to be on your game 24×7, and the travel (don’t get us started on the TSA!), anyone’s stamina would be taxed. But the funny thing is, we leave every conference more energized than when we arrive.

How is that possible? It’s the charge we get from connecting with like minds on the full range of current topics in energy efficiency. We return to the office full of new ideas to put in action, a list of new contacts to follow up with, and new avenues of need that we can help fill. There’s nowhere else to get top notch educational sessions paired with valuable networking events.

That means we’re packing our bags. We’ll be at:

  • AESP’s National Conference in Orlando, February 13-16, Booth #402.
  • MEEA’s Midwest Energy Solutions Conference in Chicago, February 22-24, Booth #205.

We’re looking forward to learning what others are working on and to sharing our program ideas. Because Heat Smart is all about connecting with other organizations to help people stay warm while saving energy and money.

We partner with utilities, CAA programs, government heat assistance programs, non-profits and tribe welfare programs. They use our Heat Smart kits to achieve their assistance goals cost-effectively, reach more constituents, and fulfill their program mandates. Bottom line, we help them execute their missions.

At the same time, families tell us they really like the kits, the quality of the materials, and the simple idea of using wool blankets and weather-stripping to stay warm while turning the heat down. Our kits empower them to take charge of their heat bill while improving their quality of life. And at the end of the day, that’s a warm fuzzy feeling for everyone, including us.

That’s another reason we keep going to these conferences – the opportunity to meet people like you who can connect us to more families. If you’re going to either conference, stop by the booth or email us to set up a time to meet. If you’re not going but would still like more detail, please email and we will send you more information.

Nonprofit Incorporates Heat Smart in Fundraisers

  • January 18, 2017
  • Heat Smart

Here at Heat Smart, we’re all about multi-purpose. Not only do our blankets keep people warm, but they help families save energy too. Now we’ve added another purpose: fundraising.

We’re working with the North Carolina Community Action Association (NCCAA), our long-term partner, on an innovative fundraising program called Blankets of Love. Their goal is to support low-income North Carolina families suffering from the long-lasting effects of Hurricane Matthew. They are asking the public at large to buy a Heat Smart kit, which will go to a low-income family to help reduce their energy bills and stay warm this winter.

If you’re not familiar with Heat Smart kits, the included blankets that are made of a quality wool blend with a stronger, tighter weave ideal for use in emergency situations and cases of severe weather, like Hurricane Matthew.

The Blankets of Love campaign will run through February 3, 2017, check out their website to see how it works. And, it’s easy to donate while you’re there if you wish. All donors will be recognized on the NCCAA website.

If you’re a nonprofit, working with Heat Smart is a great way to raise funds to help offset heating costs for low-income families and maximize your budget. There doesn’t have to be a hurricane: when the cold swoops in and the snow flies, families who are heat insecure must choose between staying warm or spending scarce resources on energy. We help families lower the heat bill and stay warm, while helping heat assistance programs reach more people.

Warmest Wishes for a Happy Holiday!

  • December 12, 2016
  • Heat Smart

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is upon us once again! It’s a time of year where we relax with family and friends, bake cookies, and watch a holiday TV special while curled up on the couch. Maybe you have a fire going in the fireplace or maybe you’re snuggled under your favorite wool blanket.

The point is, we can relax and enjoy A Charlie Brown Christmas because we’re warm. But far too many people aren’t, and they can’t afford to turn the heat up. Every year, the need for LIHEAP assistance increases, but funding remains Grinch-like. Heat Smart helps by partnering with community organizations to reach low-income families.

Our Heat Smart Kits give low-income families the tools they need to stay warm while encouraging lower thermostat settings. The kit includes: warmth (a high quality, wool-blend blanket), conservation (weather-stripping), and education (energy saving tips). It’s a simple idea with a HUGE impact: families stay warm and save money on heating bills.

Our program benefits our partners too. Heat Smart helps them stretch their heat assistance dollars, increase cost-efficiency, and reach their goals and mandates.

We have already made a difference to over 500,000 households in 39 states across the country partnering with non-profits, community action programs, government agencies and utilities. We have the logistics to turn orders around quickly and the flexibility to tailor a program to specific needs. We work with our partners every step of the way to make them successful.  Call or email us to see how we can help you help families in your area.

Until next year, all of us here at Heat Smart send you warmest wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy new year!